How To Be The Best Digital Marketers?


Total 7.7 billion world population, 3.7 billion global internet users, 3.5 billion social media users (and increasing rapidly) are accessing the internet every day. In this era of the contraption, marketing has become one of the most vital approaches for every kind of promotional activity. The digital marketing companies are newly established, although, marketing came in trend, decades back in the early ’90s when television and radios came into existence, and probably even before that. Since then advertising business never looked back and kept on flourishing. The world has witnessed several stages of marketing and advertisement in the past century, and there is yet so much to see and explore. Marketing can be beneficial only if we are influencing the correct marketing techniques and strategies which can reach the target audience. We have noticed that in the last 1-year traditional marketing has gone down by 160%, whereas digital marketing has taken a height of 15%. Now the question arises, whether digital marketing companies has abolished and dominated over traditional form of marketing? Is there any specific benefit of opting for digital marketing instead of traditional marketing? What is the difference between these two means of marketing?? For answering these questions we need to understand both the forms of marketing i.e.; traditional marketing and digital marketing.


If we define what’s traditional marketing, it consists of the marketing forms which is done offline, or which doesn’t require internet. This is the oldest method of advertising. Which includes options such as

Newspaper and magazines ads

Printed brochures and billboards,

Commercial ads on TV and radios,

broadcasts etc

It is a typical form of marketing which connects to the semi- targeted audiences, and also it always compels lots of overhead. Moreover, using traditional methods will not take you to your customers at a time, rapid promotion is a bit difficult in traditional marketing. Also, if some kind of customization is required, or some kind of changes is done by the company regarding products then there arises the issue, as if we gotta change the entire advertisement, recreating commercials, reprinting brochures and remaking all the advertisements takes lots of time, effort and money. So there are some issues which are decreasing the popularity of traditional marketing


Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is completely a digital mean of advertising which is done online, or by any electronic gadget such as phone, laptops and PC etc. In the past few years, digital marketing agencies have grown adequately. This rapid growth indicates its accomplishments. Companies of any magnitude can use digital marketing, for rapid promotion and advertisement of their company or product. This way they can directly reach the target audience and increase their business. Digital marketing companies in bangalore have hundreds of strategies and ideas of marketing to take your brand to a different level. Digital marketing includes,

search engine optimization ( SEO),

website developing,

Branding services,

SEO content writing

facebook ads,

Social media platform promotion,

Sms marketing,

Email marketing.

And all kind of social media platform comes under digital marketing services, even when we Google, what’s twitter? That is also a form of digital marketing service. At orange digital media, we give you all types of online marketing and digital marketing services options at best prices. When we check the benefits of digital marketing we can find so many of them, the result we obtain is transparent, i.e.; we can easily measure the outcome. We already mentioned the number of peoples using the internet. So digital campaign done by a digital marketing company in bangalore, can make you reach your target audience most efficiently and effectively. A digital marketing agency connects you to the customers worldwide. The digital marketing agencies will always cultivate your website, keep it updated and maintain SEO. Basically digital marketing companies serve 2 ways of marketing services, first is paid marketing and the second one is organic marketing. Organic can also be referred to as free. This way, we are figuring out various benefits of digital marketing services, which gives you the best possible marketing assistance.

When we compare both forms of marketing in the last few years it’s very clear that we see digital marketing services in bangalore and worldwide as a definite edge. At this time a huge preponderance of people are spending a maximum of their time in phone and laptops with the internet. Apparently, it proves that digital marketing is the best way of reaching out customers and rapid promotions.

What To Choose??

Thinking of current status of both of the marketing ways, it’s apparent that every company (irrespective of size) is opting for online marketing services over traditional methods. Because digital marketing is a better way to promote and urge the attention of customers as it increases consideration of your company and product quickly and effectively.

“ Think Smart, Be Smart, Choose Smart”.

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