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If you are looking for a digital marketing agency in Bangalore who will help you in improving brand awareness, handling social media presence, generating potential leads, developing attractive & engaging websites, you are at the right place. We have been offering digital marketing services in Bangalore & satisfying our customers for a long time now.

Being an online marketing company in Bangalore we always stay updated to all the new digital marketing trends & Google updates. This makes us a step ahead of our competition. There are various aspects in digital marketing, only the best digital agencies will know what is right for your business. We help you create result-oriented strategies that will help you achieve your goals. Orange digital media is one of those digital marketing companies in Bangalore who are known for creativity & adaption of new technology. We have been serving our clients with SEO , social media management , website design & development , e-commerce solutions, paid marketing, & other IT solutions.

We have a team of young, passionate & aggressive professionals who are dedicatedly working towards improving our client’s experience. We have been successfully delivering high engaging content, convertible lead generation campaigns, interactive landing pages, functional websites, personalized CRM for our clients all over Bangalore. We try & create a very gracious work environment that makes it easy for our clients to interact & have a meaningful & transparent communication. Hire us as your digital marketing agency & we will help you with improving your productivity & enhance your overall online presence.

Our Services

Digital Marketing

We are one of the best digital marketing agencies located in Bangalore. We offer you all kinds of digital marketing services.

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SEO Services

Get organic leads & traffic to your website with the help of SEO. We help you grow your website organically.

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Social Media Marketing

Share engaging & relevant content with your audience & improve your social media game with us.

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PPC Services

Get PPC strategies & fully-fledged ad campaigns to grow your business online & improve your ROI.

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Website Development

We design user-friendly websites that help you connect & develop a long-term relationship with your customers.

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Technical Services

Our technical services include web applications, reporting dashboards, app or website maintenance, billing system, and CRM system.

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UI UX Design

Attract your customer with the best UI UX offered by orange digital media. Make your website or app attractive & mobile friendly.

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Offline Ads

Promote your business offline as well. Target & reach your audience who may not be available online.

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Native Ads

Native ads help you get more user attention & increases your CTR. Get the best strategies & stand out from competitors.

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Rank your website on the 1st page of Google with Orange Digital Media

You can't afford to be ranked on the second, third, or fourth page of google search results. Outstand your competitors with the help of the best SEO company in Bangalore. We have helped numerous businesses grow by ranking at the top of search results. Our SEO services are result-oriented and focus on ranking a website using white-hat SEO techniques.

Generate high-quality leads, and increase the authenticity and trust of your customers by being visible on the top. As we are the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore, we work with innovative technology for better results.

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Why Choose Us

Better Pricing

Orange Digital Media is the most affordable digital marketing company in Bangalore. You get the best digital marketing services at the best pricing.

Better Strategies

Every business is different from the other & requires different strategies to grow, we at orange digital media offer the most practical & effective strategies to our clients & help them increase their conversion rate.

Marketing Automation

With our marketing automation solutions, you get to manage & solve your customer-related problems in the easiest way. Better marketing automation means more prospects and more customers.

Better Execution

Execution of the planned strategies is the most important thing. Being the best digital marketing company in Bangalore, we focus on improving our execution process day by day, client by client.

Tracking and Analysis

Tracking & analysis is done in order to improve the performance, the effectiveness of the campaign, reach, engagement, ROI & all other metrics that matter. Tracking & analysis plays an important role in any kind of marketing activity.

Experienced Team

We proudly say we have a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to offering you all kinds of digital marketing services. Our team works closely with every client to understand their requirements & target audience.

Our Clients Say

Serving the best digital marketing services to our clients all over bangalore

Best creative digital marketing agency in Bangalore with creative ideas to promote a brand online.

Sanati Builder - CEO & Founder

Happy with Services. They offer wide variety of services and have deep knowledge and skill set in all the areas.

Pioneer Developers - Construction And Real Estate Company

We have been taking digital marketing services from Orange digital media and extremely happy with the services


We have been taking digital marketing services from orange digital media since 2-3 years. We are completely satisfied with their work.

Vrushika Techno Solutions

Overall very pleased with Orange Digital Media and their team. They did everything we asked in a timely matter


Great strategy, execution and reporting. They did a fantastic job for us in getting more inquiries and closing them by optimising.

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Digital Marketing has become the fastest adopting marketing strategy globally. Whether it is established business, medium size business or a new startup, digital marketing works the best at all the stages. Digital marketing is suitable for all kinds of businesses like Ecommerce business, services providers, offline educational institutions, online training classes, medical & healthcare industry, Hotels/Hospitality business, contractors & retailers, law firms, IT companies & every other category of business. A right digital marketing agency can help you build a right strategy depending on the size & niche of your business.

When u hire a professional digital marketing company in Bangalore it will be beneficial for your business in every way. As digital marketing companies have vast experience in handling various businesses, you can expect enhanced strategies & ideas to grow your business. You can save your time & resources on planning & executing marketing strategies instead focus on your service or product. Digital marketing agencies follow a concentrated process in planning & executing successful campaigns.

A digital marketing company can help in many ways, when it comes to building brand’s identity, improving brand reputation & online visibility, improving ranking, increased website traffic and measuring analytics. For an online business to grow online marketing services is a must. A digital agency can help you enhance your online presence.

Local SEO is a part of search engine optimization that helps you improve your rank in the local search results. If you have a physical presence offering services or products in particular local areas, then local SEO can the best strategy for you. It makes you be more visible to your customers in your targeted areas.

Content is one of the way you can convince your visitors to be your loyal customers. Sharing helpful & practical information with your audience will help you gain trust. Creating blogs that solves problem or provides answers is a great way to keep your audience engaged. Blogging helps in improving visibility, & engagement which directly improves your website performance.

As they say “Content is king” and truly it is the no. 1 ranking factor for any website. Content helps you meet many ranking factors like traffic, high quality backlinks, engagement, trustworthiness and more. Optimized content on your web pages is the first thing that search engines look for in a website. Therefore, generating high quality SEO content can eventually help you in ranking on search results.

If you have decided to go for digital marketing then you may hire a digital marketing agency which will help you start digital marketing activities for your business. If you don’t have website consider getting a website designed & developed by professional website development company in Bangalore. If you have a website you can start working on SEO & lead generation.

Yes you can promote your business without a website as well. You can promote your business on social media platforms & work on local SEO. Social media marketing is a potential way to promote your business without a website & grow rapidly. Lead generation is also possible with social media marketing & local SEO.

Yes it is possible to generate leads on social media platforms. Contact the top digital marketing company in Bangalore to help you with lead generation. Only the best advertising agencies can help you with creating result-oriented campaigns.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which clearly means you optimize your website for search engines. The more your website is optimized it has more chances of visibility and the more people see your website it has better chances of growing of your business. Search engines displays websites on top of search results that are SEO friendly.

There are multiple reasons why you should have a website. One of the major reasons is you can be available 24/7 online, improve customer experience, generate leads, enhancing marketing, increasing sales & revenue. A website has a potential to bring new opportunities your way & achieve goals you were struggling with.

PPC stands for pay-per-click. PPC is a paid advertising model that allows advertiser to run campaigns of Google & Google partner websites. PPC is a concept where an advertiser pays when people interact or click on the ad. By improving your quality score & bidding you can execute a very successful campaign. Hire a PPC company in Bangalore to help you with generating leads at the lowest bid.

There are various aspects are involved such as meta tags, title tags, content optimization, images optimization, mobile friendliness, page speed optimization, keyword analysis, competitor analysis, backlinks profile, technical SEO, schema, improving CTR & more. Hire a SEO company in Bangalore, who can help you improve your website SEO score.

How digital marketing is beneficial for your business

Digital Marketing is not just for a particular industry or business size, it can be beneficial for all kinds of businesses. It is important to understand the importance of digital platforms in today's world. Digital marketing is the wisest decision of any business. Digital marketing services can benefit your business in every possible way. Digital marketing strategies can help you build a successful brand and also improve your brand credibility.

We being the top digital marketing agency in Bangalore understand the importance of right digital marketing strategies and how it can be a complete game changer for any business. We offer customized digital marketing services considering the industry & audience of a particular business. In real world it is necessary to understand your audience needs, gain trust & interact with them to grow your business online or offline, therefore digital marketing is the medium through which a brand can connect with its audience easily. With digital marketing you can understand your audience’s behavior very closely. It helps you eliminate the rest crowd & focus only on your potential audience.

Digital marketing services are not just for businesses or brands offering products or services online, it is for offline businesses as well. Along with reaching global audience you can also reach your potential audience in your local areas through local SEO, which is another aspect of digital marketing. Lead generation is a big reason for businesses to switch to digital marketing. Digital Marketing can help you with generating consistent leads by optimizing your campaigns, landing pages, targeting etc. Online marketing companies can help with creating result-oriented strategies that will lift your business to a new height. The main motive of digital marketing agencies in Bangalore is to convert your visitors to paying customers. For a business to be successful paying attention to the competitor’s strategies is important. Digital marketing allows you to understand your competitors hit & flop strategies, so that you can make a right move for your business.

If you are a brand or business looking for digital marketing services in Bangalore, who better than us!

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