Offline ads


Hoarding Advertisement

Hoarding advertising is large boards placed at highways, around shopping centers, on buildings, etc. Hoarding advertising is a massive help in brand recognition since it is cost-effective and grabs attention very easily. Contact us for hoarding advertising requirements since orange digital media is backed up experience in offering digital marketing services for more than a decade now.

Bus Advertisement

Bus Advertisement is very effective to promote your business since they are attention grabbing and cost effective. There are several ad formats for bus advertising as per your business size and budget you can choose one among them. Through this method of marketing you can cover a large area very quickly. Although bus advertising is a traditional method but it still has the potential to get you your expected results


Flyer Insertion

Flyer insertion also known as pamphlet distribution is one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising. Flyers are reached to people by inserting them in the newspaper. Through this method of advertising, you can target your potential audience in particular located with your choice of newspaper.

News Paper Advertising

People have been using newspaper advertising to market their product/service for a long time now. Newspaper advertising enables you to promote your business both in print and digital publication. Newspaper advertising enables better reach, engagement, more focused targeting and credibility. Orange Digital Media has powerful ideas that can accelerate your sales.


TV Ads

TV ads enable you to show your products or services to a wide audience. You can display exactly what your product looks like at the time of sale. It allows you to clearly demonstrate the advantages of your product/service. In very less time you can reach to a maximum number of people. TV ads deliver a huge advantage for your business.

Radio Jingles

Radio jingles are new ad campaigns. Radio jingles are the only advertising method that will get you hours of free airtime in your listeners’ own brains. They’ll get stuck in their heads, and when they hear bits of them again, they’ll instantly remember your ad and what you were telling them in it


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