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About Content Marketing

Content Marketing plays a major role in digital marketing. Content is used for various purposes like marketing, advertising, providing information to your audience & much more. Content is published in various ways such as blog posts/articles, white papers, e-books, podcasts, E-mail newsletter, Videos, info graphics, Case studies, social media posts, webinars etc.

Content Marketing becomes important for your business to interact with your customers to let them updated. Providing valuable & research based information is important to keep your audience engaged. In increasing the engagement rate & conversion rate content marketing play a very major role.

From attracting customers with good posters, posting engaging & informative posts on social media, updating about offers through SMS & E-mails, conducting webinars everything involves content marketing. With our content marketing services, our clients are able to grow their business to a new height. At Orange Digital Media we provide the content that is engaging & attention grabbing.


Types of Content Marketing

Website content becomes an important factor to rank your website on the Google search pages. Visitors look for valuable, informative and credible content when they visit the website. At Orange Digital Media we provide the best website content services. Unique & valuable content is what we provide at Orange Digital Media.

Content also provides a great opportunity for internal links. An internal link is text within the content that is hyperlinked to another relevant page on your website. Internal linking is a great way to lead users to additional information that they may be looking for. Search engines also like to see internal links throughout a website. As search engines crawl and index the pages on your site, they often move from one page to the next through internal links. Therefore, internal links may help the pages on your website to be indexed and understood by search engines faster.

Social Media Content Marketing is another part of Content Marketing. Social media content is different from other forms of Content Marketing. Unlike other forms of content marketing, social media content marketing is to attract audience & keep them engaging. Social Media Content could be in any form like info graphics, informative posts, and videos, Quiz, Shout outs, Giveaways and much more. Content plays a major role in the lead generation campaigns. The way you present your business on social media platforms creates a huge difference. Right content can your business in every way to grow.

At Orange Digital Media we provide the best social media content that is encourages likes, comments, shares & follows. Our Social media content is effective enough to increase the lead generation for your business. Creative content is what you need to grab the attention of your audience. At Orange Digital Media we provide the best social media content service that creates better opportunities for your business. We are here to handle your brand image with the best content marketing. Being one of the best digital marketing agencies in Bangalore we assist our clients with various aspects of digital marketing. Make the best use of the social media platforms to increase the ROI of your business with orange digital media.

An image speaks more than 1000 words, then imagine the power of a video. Everybody loves watching short videos. Since YouTube and other video sharing platforms have risen there is a huge difference in the behaviour of the audience. And due to this content have been navigates to videos. Videos are high in demand among audience.

Video content is a great way to help your customer understand about your product or service. Videos also help in ranking your website on first page of Google search result. With our video content marketing services, we deliver videos that are more likely to get converted into a potential customer. We at orange digital media provide the best video content marketing services in Bangalore. Whether it is product explainer video, testimonial videos, or commercial ad video we do it all. Get great return on investment with our video content marketing services. Generate leads & improve the conversion rate with us, we are here to make it easy & quick for you.

Blogs are vast majority of content out there on internet. Blogs are very effective and useful for your business. People who use blogs for their business have experienced 97% more clicks than before. Blogging is one of the effective ways to drive more traffic to your website. Writing blogs related to your products or service can help you a lot. Blogs are a better & cost effective option for building brand awareness.

In content marketing blogging is one the common & most demanded content. Blogs can help you increase your brand recognition and also help you in improving the engagement with your customers. You can provide in depth information about your product or services with blogs. At orange digital media, we have a team of young & talented team of writers who ensure to deliver the best content for your business. We write what your audience is looking for. Orange digital media is here to provide you the best content that suits your business niche and the content that your audience looking have been craving for. Orange Digital Media have been successfully delivering the best digital marketing services in Bangalore, contact us for all kinds of digital marketing requirements.

Why Content is important for SEO

SEO friendly content is most important factor for ranking a website. User experience is an important factors that Google algorithm considers when it comes to raking the website on the first page. Essentially, SEO and content cannot work successfully in isolation. Marketers need to understand that both elements complement each other, so you need to focus on creating great content if you want your rankings to improve.

We provide SEO friendly content that will take your website on the top of the Google search pages. We provide high-quality and user friendly content to improve the user experience. Orange Digital Media is a proficient enough to deliver the best for your business. We provide the best digital marketing services considering all the requirements of the clients. With orange digital media rank your website on the first page of Google search results like our other clients. We have the understanding of the necessary factors for both content marketing as well as SEO.

Benefits of Content Marketing

Audience Rention

Increase brand awareness

Lead generation and increased conversions

Boost your SEO and traffic

Higher SERP rankings

Compounding ROI

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We provide content writing services for websites, blogs, articles, social media, ad copy, and more


SEO friendly content

As we are SEO experts, we understand how much content contributes to SEO. We offer the best SEO-friendly content.


Content marketing strategy

We do a competitors content analysis to understand the trend. We provide content that drives sales and differentiates your brand.


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Definitely, content that generates more leads has the optimum value. Hence we do content analysis regularly.


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Our team of writers and editors are always ready to provide quality content, making us the top content writing company in India.


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As per the package get speedy deliveries which promises to provide up to 1000 words in just 6hrs.

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