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Analysis Report

Analyzing and measuring data is necessary in order to ensure better performance, effectiveness, reach, engagement and ROI. Analyzing is important for both current as well as future campaigns. We provide reports that include the entire process and are explained to its fullest.

In digital marketing, just like any other marketing method, it is necessary to capture the data and performance to improve and implement in the future. It involves measuring processes, values and tracking actions. Whether your business is small-scale or established, product-based or service-based analysis reporting is equally important.

We are the best digital marketing agency in bangalore, and we are very well aware of all the aspects of digital marketing whether it is creating strategies, campaigns, or reporting. We being at the top in this industry provide all kinds of digital marketing services.


What Does Digital Marketing Report Contain

The first thing that is included in the digital marketing report is a summary page. The summary page includes all the highlights of the metrics of the project. The summary page includes the overall performance of the project. We provide our clients with a summary page that will help them get a general understanding regarding the marketing position and also the future goals that can be achieved by following certain activities. The summary page also includes the actions that we implemented as per the strategy.

The paid and organic both ways of SMM marketing will influence your traffic generation. In social media marketing online postings on the social media platforms are done, which when shared, reaches more audience. When it reaches more peoples than automatically more people visits your website, increasing your website traffic. Our social media management services will supplement your traffic generation and will advance your growth. By sharing content on social media you can drive traffic to your website. At orange digital media, we offer social media management services that will help you generate more inbound traffic and better conversion opportunities.

We ensure to provide a clear picture of conversion metrics to our clients. We understand conversion rate most important for any business and hence we keep conversion rate report on priority. We avoid using complicated report formats that might confuse our clients.

Reports include complete details about the lead acquisition. We not only track the process of lead generation but also the lead acquisition. We track whether it was SEO or PPC, so your client has a clear picture of where their marketing investment is generating the highest returns. Being one of the best digital marketing agency promise to deliver true values.

Analytical Reports we provide at orange digital media


At orange digital media we provide both on-page as well as off-page reports. On-page report includes results of various tests like Robots.txt test, Sitemap test, SEO friendly URL test, Inline CSS Test, Google analytics test, plaintext emails test, Custom 404 error page test, Canonical tag test, HTML page size test, page speed test and more. Offpage SEO report includes backlinks profile, domain score, domain authority, referring domain and much more.

Ad Campaigns

We provide report that includes all the minute details about the ad campaigns. Cost per click, No. of clicks, CTR, Ad performance, Impressions, Conversion rate, Cost per click and much more. At orange digital media, we analyse the data frequently to understand the ad performance and make changes if require.

Social Media Management

We provide both paid ads as well as organic social media management reports to our clients. Organic reports include the No.of posts, No.of likes, shares and comments, reach, engagements and more. Paid ads reports includes all the details of the campaigns like leads, clicks cost per lead, source of lead, amount spent, impression, link clicks and more.

PPC Individual Reporting

Through PPC individual reporting we demonstrate to our clients the results of their campaigns. PPC reporting includes reports of all the PPC campaigns of different platforms. Our PPC reports give you a complete idea about the campaign, leads coming from a particular platform and much more. Since we deliver what we deliver, we are known as the best digital marketing agency in bangalore.


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