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Updated SEO trends 2020

The world is updating with new innovations every new day. Consequently, with the innovations the competition is also accelerating. New websites and new updates are launching, that brings further counteraction. So, every company needs to update its strategies from time to time. Google is also changing its pattern and strategies every year, so companies and businesses also need to figure out and make changes in their work strategies accordingly. Anything which we post on our website will not simply solve your audience’s queries, but also will show the quality of your content, videos or pictures and check the guidelines. The website standard must meet the principal set by search engines, such as Google, Bing etc. updating your SEO techniques is important as updated and latest work will keep your company amend on the search engines. SEO (search engine engines) always single outs the website which is well designed with quality contents and all other elementary information’s. These types of websites are convenient for the users in getting the details and information they want when they search on search engines.

Let’s now discuss the latest 10 SEO updates for 2020, which you can consider and implement for your company to improve your SEO.

  1. Create remarkable content:
  2. Content is the biggest asset for any website created. If you wish to get and achieve what you wish for your website, then quality content is the only resource, which can give you increased SEO. A relevant and quality content will be significant, convenient and prompt which can assist the audience legitimately and can also help the audience with their queries.

    Quality content acquires all the importance, the content should be written in a way that Google chooses your content for its search engine results. Also, the content will be deliberately good, when it’s capable of confiscating backlinks.

    Researches have been made regarding for previous years, the various website have been observed and tracked based on their SEO performance. The researches prove that the website which has quality and intense content have ranked better in the comparison of the website with weak content, weak and irrelevant contents have suffered and could not rank good. Content which is written perfectly, deeply informative and with quality will only be able to achieve good SEO in the upcoming year 2020 and ahead.

  3. Artificial intelligence: :
  4. Artificial intelligence is something which is the most important technology in today’s world, this also affects the SEO of your website. Basically, it’s responsible for all the unique searches which are made every day on the search engines. Although artificial intelligence has quite deep and intense concepts, cutting out them there is a basic concepts of AI, which is involved in SEO in terms of digital marketing. What artificial intelligence actually does is, when a keyword is typed on the search engine it automatically classifies the available web pages and websites. And match and choose the exact keyword from the websites available and displays the results. This way it increases the SEO of the websites with matching keywords.

  5. Videos are more effective:
  6. It’s a known fact that what we see visually is more effective than what we read. Now in the updated 2020 norms for SEO, videos are also included. The digital marketing field is now opting for videos as YouTube has become a new television. Everyone is watching YouTube’s specially the present generation and the millennial are very much into internet and YouTube videos rather than TV. They prefer YouTube and internet for all sort of information’s they need, not just for entertainment or fun but any kind of information related anything such as education, games etc. So, it has become more important to post videos on the website if you want to increase SEO on your website. Videos don’t let your audience get bored and always remains interesting. Whenever a video is uploaded on the website, make sure that you are making use of correct keywords for the headlines and subheadings, this will take your video to the targeted customer who is interested in similar contents.

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  7. Importance of voice search:
  8. : Keyword is a big thing in the SEO. Nowadays when everything is convenient and easy, use of voice search is increasing, it’s so helpful that you can search and find any information sitting away from your system. Systems like Siri(IOS), Google Assistant and Alexa's are biggest example of the advancement of voice searches. Voice search is very helpful for organic traffic if you have made use of proper keywords in your content. If Google understands and selects your content, you will get traffic and website SEO will be improved. Your content will only get selected by the AI if your content is perfectly relevant and keywords are enough. Use of phones and applications supporting voice conversations has increased the use of voice searches. So, it’s important to write the content in such a way so that it can gain more SEO by voice conversations also.

  9. Improvement in the user experience:
  10. Despite your relevant and the best quality content, one thing which is more important for your website to get better SEO is the user experience. User experience means quickly opening websites, understandable contents and simple interface. When your audience surfs your website on any search engine, it should open fast i.e. your website should be quick opening, if your website is slow your audience will definitely leave your website and go for other websites, this can bring a huge loss for your company.

    After your website is quick it’s also important to make your website convenient and simple to use and understand. The website should be made in a way that it should be easily understandable by your audience. This can give your website better SEO and can take on the top of search engine results.

  11. User safety:
  12. On the other hand, it’s also important to properly consider the safety of your audience. Though, safety is not a big issue in terms of SEO. Still, it’s important to protect your user details and private information. If you are not securing your users privacy then that can be really annoying for your audiences. So, ultimately it’s your responsibility to take care of their privacy policies. If your website doesn’t provide proper privacy policy then people will definitely leave your website, this will badly affect your SEO. Ensure your customers that your website gives complete attention to your privacy.

  13. Mobile user-experience regulates your SEO:
  14. It’s been observed that the mobile search rates are quite higher than laptops or pc. So, if any website is not having a mobile version is going in deliberate losses. As mobile page websites are coming more in use. Along with a mobile-friendly website we also need the website to be user-friendly and convenient i.e. easy to use, attractive graphics and easy to understand. A website should involve their audience and should satisfy the customers’ requirement. So it’s very crucial to optimize your webpage and website for mobile users to be in the competition. More your website is mobile-friendly, more is the SEO

  15. Focus on technical SEO:
  16. Technical SEO includes some points which will definitely help your website in getting better SEO. Websites are increasing every year in a huge amount, getting your website visible on the top of the search engine list isn’t that easy. The technical points of the website are important to keep in mind.

    Coding: The way you are making the website plays an important role in making your website unique, try to make your website designs and graphics extraordinary using languages such as JavaScript, Angular JS etc. All the top-ranked companies prefer JavaScript for their websites.

    Speed: Well, this is another technical issue any website faces. But this can cause huge losses as this issue can grab lots of customers and audiences. So, it's literally important to create a website whose speed is good. This will give a good experience of your website to your users. Hence, better the website speed more your audience is impressed.

  17. Amend the website for featured snippets:
  18. Before understanding this SEO trend, let us understand the meaning. Featured snippets are a composition which provides the user precise and exact answers for the questions asked on the search engines. These answers display on the result page, without searching on any particular websites.

    Searches can be of any type, related to anything like cookery, educational, tour and travels or anything you think of. The search engine will give you a precise answer on the first web page. If your website contains the most relevant content then Google chooses your website and displays as the featured snippets. And obviously, the featured website will get the maximum traffic, which ultimately turns into great SEO for your website. This trend of featured snippets was important in 2019 and will continue to be important in 2020 and ahead of that.

  19. Try machine learning:
  20. Machine learning is something which enhances your system by making it able to automatically learn and improve from the learning without any particular programming. Machine learning helps in the advancement of computer and the programs, to make itself accessing. Well, machine learning seems to be the next explosion in forthcoming years

    Now the question is how machine learning helps you with SEO?

    So, basically what machine learning does is it helps the Google to analyze and figure out what is more useful or beneficial for the user and ranks the website this way. If you want your content to be selected and ranked then your content should be relevant, high in quality, unique and should fulfill the user demand. Your content should be impressive and should captivate the audience. “Companies need to work with machine learning if they want good SEO, this can be a blessing for the small companies and the startups.


    Well now you know, that the SEO is legitimately important for your company, be it any industry. And there are plenty of ways and ideas to generate SEO for your business. Content always play a big role in SEO generation, but the only keyword won’t help in getting SEO. Other factors also affect SEO generation. So, it’s important to understand and implement the norms and updatings provided by Google. To be on the top of the search engine results, Digital marketing companies in Bangalore will help you reach your targeted goals.