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Social media strategies 2020!! Which you need to know!!

3.5 billion People are online, within a total of 7.7 billion populations. That’s indeed a huge quantity, so social media marketing cannot be disregarded. It’s evident that the future of social media is really blossoming every day. Every now and then some new social media application is launched

Social media marketing doesn’t mean simply posting a picture daily, there are a lot more things to understand and implement social media marketing. Search engines such as Google or Bing keeps updating the strategies every year for better outputs.

Follow the latest trends and attain the top of the competition. Let’s get refurbished with the latest trends!

  1. Deal with the rising budget
  2. Budget is an outrageous word, but when it comes about benefits then definitely we need to spend some amount to make big acquisitions. The competition is continuously increasing in every field, so you need such strategies which can lead you till the top of success. Social media marketing will do that for you. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram etc are the main source of marketing. Facebook and other social media ads have proven benefits of ad campaigns, so it’s not at all risky to invest money in such platforms because you steady success will be visible very soon. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are getting more compulsory for social media promotion.

    So, in the upcoming years and further as well, if you wish to have a better social media promotion then you have to inflate your investment. And you can see that your advancement is detectable.

    This advancement of social media marketing will bring to you more ROI, and then you have invested. So, get prepared with your budget and be ready for a successful New Year.

  3. Utilize videos:
  4. It’s known that a huge portion of the human population is using social media most importantly Facebook and Instagram. Anyway even you can relate, whenever we open Facebook we can see plenty of videos. Video contents are extra expedient; it is more interesting for the audience. So, don’t pause yourself with older strategies and use videos for attracting more traffic to your page. A relevant and precise video can be seen by everyone, so it is important to make the videos short and simple.

  5. Social Media Chatbots:
  6. Every company needs a customer care service or customer support service for their buyers, for their convenience. Well, now social media platforms are a new trend for this purpose. Facebook as a precedent, they have started this service known as chatbots or auto-replies. Now queries can be made on social media platforms and the services like auto-reply and chatbots will help and work as an assistant. This is based on artificial intelligence, and this is also reducing human effort. So, chatbots are definitely a rising trend for 2020.

  7. Bilateral and unique content:
  8. Okay, content isn’t only about delivering the information’s, it’s about involving your customer. So, for involving your customers you need to use some techniques. Answering your customers' query through Facebook or Instagram live videos, to stay connected with your audiences can be one of the ways to maintain touch with your customers. It’s important to create unique and customized content for your entire customer. This sounds little impossible but the use of technology can make it possible. Now even social media gives you the facility to customize a users news feed based on his/her preferences on the platform. This trend is definitely going to grow as it helps you show particular ads to a particular range of customers.

  9. Use different social media platforms: :
  10. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are already up to speed in terms of marketing, but there are some other platforms also which are increasing their followers constantly such as Tiktok and Snapchat etc. It’s important to shift to other platforms also for new customers.

  11. Linked posts:
  12. Buying a product have now become extremely simple, just a few clicks are enough for you to buy whatever is in your mind! Now let’s make it easier and convenient for your buyers. Let’s help them in shopping through posts linked directly to the website.

    A jewellery advertisement post on Facebook or Instagram should allow your customers to tap on the post and directly reach the website. So, the posts here are linked to the website, this makes the shopping easier.

    Also, your posts have to be attractive enough because there are so many companies similar to yours to distract your audience, you have to be good enough to capture and maintain your customers.


    As the strategies are getting so much advanced, it’s obvious that social media marketing is going to transform itself immensely, and the future of social media marketing is bright. .

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