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SMM (Social Media Marketing Service)

Over 3.2 billion, i.e.; around 42% of the global population is using social media currently which will probably go on increasing. India is the second-largest user of Smartphone’s, over 430 million peoples using the internet and Smartphone’s and around 400 million are using social media. Would you afford loosing this amount of customer?  At orange digital media, we offer the best Social media marketing services. We understand the importance and concept of SMM marketing, so we are the best Social Marketing agency in Bangalore.

What is SMM?

SMM symbolize for social media marketing. Social Media Services are utterly an assemblage of strategies that leads more and more traffic for the website. Social media marketing service providing companies use their advanced strategies to enhance and advance your search engine rankings on the search engine result page (SERPs). Social Media services utilize various platforms, social media sites and other communities, for the advertisement and offer you your expected ROI and advancement. Social media marketing services are one of the most important platforms which create brand awareness. And it also works for product appreciation by online marketing. Social network marketing services are one of the most effective ways of gathering potential traffic on your website, Social Media Marketing Service providers are proficient enough to offer you the optimum strategies for best social network marketing.  

Types of SMM

The SMM marketing is a fledging segment of digital marketing services. The social media marketing services started flourishing after the dissemination of the social media platforms all over the world, potentially in past one decade. And as we have already conferred about the popularity of these platforms, so it is obvious that SMM marketing is the best way to reach your target customers in a large scale at a time. 

The Social Media Marketing service offers you both organic and the paid promotions, the instances of these ads you can figure out in every social media sites, while scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram, you can notice a promotional ad after every few posts. Social media services uses platforms like as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Truecaller etc for the promotional activities.

Organic SMM and paid SMM

  • Organic SMM
  • Paid SMM

Organic SMM in social network marketing is the free way of promoting your business, by uploading the posts on social media platforms. People come across your social media posts, when you follow you and your content is engaging. The social marketing agencies will use #Hashtags and appealing contents that can attract the viewers and you can get organic leads. Social Media Management services consider it most crucial aspect for promotion as organic SMM is it’s free of cost and can be highly pragmatic for your business to grow. According to various social media service providers, organic promotion is more beneficial for them who are already an established brand and have enough followers.

Contrarily, paid SMM is a marketing strategy where you pay for the promotions at social media platforms. Paid Social media management service will boost your promotions and will help you get displayed at top of search engine result page (SERPs), and will also show exclusive ads. Social marketing agency suggests that paid SMM is more effective as you cannot desire to be on the top of search engine results in continuation. Moreover, SMM marketing providers consider the paid SMM as the avenue to reach your target customers swiftly with optimum results for sure.

Benefits of SMM:
  • Increased brand awareness

    Social network marketing is the most accessible and optimum way for enhancing your brand awareness. Employing a social marketing agency will work on your company, they will implement optimum contents and best strategies which will highly advance your brand visibility and get your brand recognized all around the world. When these social media marketing services are put into action, it brings you more traffic on your website which ultimately results into more and more like, comments and recommendations. The social marketing agencies implements posts and invest their time on your social media handles, each post updated on the social media will take you to few new people globally. So the SMM marketing recommends regular amendment of fresh updates. Social network marketing is the most compelling way of engaging new and old buyers on social media marketing services.

  • Effective traffic generation

    As spoken of social media services, now we know that the paid and organic, both the ways of SMM marketing will influence your traffic generation, as they will promote your business. Social media marketing services does online postings on the social media platforms, which when shared, reaches more audience. When it reaches more peoples then automatically more people visits your website, increasing your website traffic. Social media management services will supplement your traffic generation and will advance your growth.

  • Better customer satisfaction

    It’s said that “A gratified customer is the most optimum business strategy of all”. Social media marketing service will help you satisfy your customers. We know that social media is a communication and socializing podium. Social network marketing is the most compelling way of engaging new and old buyers on SMM marketing services. It’s very satisfying for a customer when they react, comment or asks some questions on some social media sites and then they get a proper response about it and get their problems solved in a jiffy. This shows how much you are concerned for your customers and how much they mean to you. The social media management services are best recognized for offering full satisfaction to your customers.

  • Cost-efficient

    When we vent about the techniques and strategies of better online marketing then, one of the top recommendations would be the social media marketing service, as this is the most economical way for advertising that can also be free service for ever. If you take some SMM marketing services from any social marketing agency, they will create your accounts on the social media platforms, that obviously free and also you get the amazing organic promotions just by sharing the posts. The paid ads in Social media marketing services are also not too costly, distinguished of other means of paid advertisements. So, hiring a social media management service will improve your regular ROI and will maintain your budget as well

  • Advances SEO

    Well, you must be inquisitive about how SMM can improve your SEO! When Social Marketing agency starts posting good and relevant contents, then your content and post start getting more likes and shares, this influences the industry and takes you to more opportunities. The social network marketing servicers’ posts on the social media platforms; people viewing the post if clicks on the post, the link can directly take them to the website, this strategy of Social marketing agency will help increasing search engine optimization. The Social Media Management Services are recognized to avail you SMM services that add to your SEO

Social media marketing services are one of the most effective ways of gathering traffic on your website, SMM agency knows the perfect suited strategies for best social media service of your brand.

Why choose Orange Digital Media?

Orange digital media is an alleged and believed social marketing Agency in Bangalore and we are growing as one of the best SMM marketing service providers. We provide varied digital media marketing service In Bangalore, India. In the past few years, we have been advanced in the Social Media services field and have become one of the best result-oriented social media marketing service providers. Our company helps you get the best ROI in the market.

Our team

We have a young, well- trained and experienced team of social media marketing servicers and social media marketing service experts. They work hard and with a mutual perspective for giving gratifying results and outputs.

Our excellences :

  • The Social Media Management services at orange digital media, are acknowledged for delivering the most optimum result.
  • Our work style and results are transparent and totally worth your investment.
  • Being a SMM marketing provider, we value our customers and we respond on time, along with the deliveries on exact scheduled date.
  • As the best Social Media Marketing service givers, Our work is time-efficient; also our team is proficient enough to deliver you quality work.
  • Our rates are very affordable, compared to other digital marketing companies in Bangalore.


Social media marketing is a substantial factor if you want a breakneck increment in your Return of Investment (ROI). Social media marketing service is the best way to achieve the expected ROI as social marketing agency servers you the most effective strategies and the best Social Media Marketing services. Stunning results can be expected if your managements are appropriate if you are giving time and effort in social media marketing services, and there is a proper money investment for the strategies and online marketing. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and few more like Truecaller, Tiktok etc are proven best platforms for SMM marketing if you wish to increase your ROI.   The social marketing agency has a team of people who gives you the best social network marketing and assists you with to the point and important tactics.

The Social network marketing providers uses the platform to deliver their offerings and proposals and share relevant content, for the better and convenient understandings of their customers. This can help the company get more response from its customers, and ultimately the response can be converted into the revenue, which is ultimately going to break through the overall business, eventually improving the ROI.

Set the purpose of your social media marketing for your company, and fulfill it. Social media service providers help you with briefing your purpose and will keep you focused on the decided purposes.

Then set a goal and stick to it, the goals should specify each and every detail where you need to focus. Complete attention and carefulness about contacting the enquiry and responding to them immediately are one of the goals you need to focus if you expect an increment in ROI. Going for social media services would help you sticking to the goals, SMM marketing providers have strategies that can make your work easier and they can help you achieve the goal as well.

Focus on completing your targeted goal, whenever social media services are implemented, give your full effort and get a measurable outcome; this can increase your ROI gradually.

Digital marketing companies in Bangalore will assist you with the best social media marketing services in Bangalore.  And you can also get markets most trafficking and best strategies from the Social Network Marketing.

So, the Social Media Marketing service will always help you achieve the set goal, and the SMM marketing in Bangalore will work for your overall growth. Go for Social Media Marketing service and avail the best position of your business. 


SMM or social media marketing is a segment of digital marketing services, which wield Social Media platforms as a marketing tool. The social media marketing companies will use strategies and content that will engage your customers influentially. The contents used for Social Media Marketing should always be short and catchy.  These contents will explain all you’re offering in a captivating way. The SMM also helps in brand exposures and takes your product to wide range of customers.

Yes we need to have your social media pages for the SMM services, if you have a established Social Media platform then we will analyze and optimize your current account and make it suitable for the social media marketing services, and if you don’t have an existing social media page then that is not an issue at all, we will create the respective accounts for you.  Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc are the social media platforms generally used for social media marketing services. We will set up all the accounts for you and will also assist you in creating fan ground, by updating posts and tweets regularly.

Social media marketing connects you directly to your potential audiences, and gives you opportunity to connect directly and interact as well. Social media marketing will help you improve your brand loyalty and brand awareness. Moreover, if you are connecting to your customers directly, you will have a better bond and interpersonal relationships will also get better. The social media marketing will make a separate place for you in the market, that will help your business establish in a better way. This is ultimately going to be one of the best ways to make space in the competitive market and gain trust of your potential buyers.

At Orange Digital Media we assure you the best and honest work, but for our clients gratification we send a progress report to our clients each month. At the end of the month we will send you a report where all the progress will be mentioned and you can measure and analyze the effect here.  The engagements and the social reach all can be measured in the report which will be provided. So, you can keep a track, how close you are to your goals.

Well, it is always worth to invest in anything which gives you back the best ROI. We know that SMM is the best way for customer engagement and awareness that is what make the social media marketing service worth investment. We will also explain you other intentions of social media marketing:

  • SMM helps gathering traffic to your website.
  • It enhances the trust between your brand and your buyers.

It gives an opportunity to your customers to give their comments and suggestion about your business and you get to know your customers expectations. These benefits by the social media marketing services will ultimately increase your ROI.

Well, finding and preparing a perfect post and optimum content is not very complex for us. We have a lot more experience in the business, other than that we will do a research work about your business and industry. Then we will generate a strategy and prepare content that will engage your targeted and potential customers. Our strategies will make a separate fan base and marketing for your brand and business. The social media updates will be always timely, relevant and unique to capture more of your targeted customers.

Social media marketing as clear name uses the social media platforms for the service. Some of the mostly used social media marketing platform includes;

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter, etc.

All of these social media marketing services are capable of giving optimum results and can take your business to the targeted customers.

Our team of Orange Digital Media is a gang of experienced and hardworking employees, our social media marketing team marketing experts will assist you with best SMM strategies. They serve you with the most gratified results.

  • At orange digital media, we give you the best possible and expected results.
  • Our way of working and results are transparent.
  • We value our customers and we respond very quickly.
  • Our work is time-efficient; also our work efficiency is very good.

Well, a keyword is something which is entered by the users in the search box of any search engine and keyword research helps you in finding the optimum keywords that are going to help you in your website SEO. It simply finds the details of the queries made by users on any search engine so that you can use those keywords and improve your SERP (Search Engine Rank Page) rank.

  • Our company Orange Digital Media is the best SEO Service Company in Bangalore. We are one of Bangalore’s top most digital marketing companies and SEO Services Company.

    We do not use one strategy for all sort of businesses, we have plenty of strategies because of versatile experience in the SEO service field.

    Our 10 glorious years of experience includes hospitality, educational, real estate, tourism and many other fields. So, if you own any kind of business connect to us, we will give you the best SEO service here at Orange Digital Media.   

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