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Social Media Marketing

Over 3.2 billion, i.e.; around 42% of the global population is using social media currently which will probably go on increasing. India is the second-largest user of smartphones, over 430 million peoples using the internet and smartphones and around 400 million are using social media. Would you afford loosing this amount of customer? At orange digital media, we understand the importance and concept of SMM, so we are the best Social Media Marketing Company in Bangalore.

What is SMM?

SMM stands for social media marketing also known as social media optimization. SMM is an assemblage of strategies to lead more clients for the website. Social media marketing companies use their techniques to improve your search engine rankings. SMO uses a number of outlets, social media sites and other communities as the platform, for your ROI and hype. Social media sites are one of the most important platforms which create brand awareness. And it also works for product appreciation by online marketing.

Types of SMM:

Organic way and paid promotion

SMM alludes to both organic and paid digital marketing methods on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Truecaller etc. Social media keeps on updating every now and then, so it’s a bit difficult to be best practiced. One of the biggest confusion marketers and business man’s have regarding social media marketing is the difference between paid and organic promotion.

Organic promotion : Organic promotion on social media is the promotional activity which we do on social media platforms without paying any sort of money. Let’s consider we put a post on Instagram but we have not paid anyone for this. It’s possible that when we upload the post few peoples who are online will see it. This way it reached some people without paying, which can be said as organic.

Paid promotion : Paid promotion is also a social media platform which is boosted by spending dollars and money. The paid social media posts will contain a “sponsored” tag while showing in the news feeds. Any reaction made with the post is taken as a paid reaction if you like or comment on the post it is going to be charged. There are various ways of paid promotion such as optimized ads, video ads, posts etc.

Why they are important?

Consequently, organic promotions are free of cost, people generally prefer it substantially, as people think it’s sufficient to generate enough promotion. This was possible earlier through facebook ads, but now all these social media platforms are pay- per- view oriented. The promotional activities works on the ground of prior actions and inclinations of the customer, instead of random sequence. Facebook promotion such as posts, video ads and even live videos can add appreciation to your brand name. Organic and paid both are important for your company to grow. Though organic promotion has loosed a bit of valuation in the past few years, now Facebook has made an announcement that conditions will get better and increase by 20% in coming days.

Benefits of SMM:

Brand awareness increases : SMM has nowadays become one of the best and easiest techniques of increasing your brand awareness. Employing social media platforms for promotion will highly increase your brand visibility. A combination of good content and smart strategies will help your brand get recognized. Also, it increases your website traffic. When your website is liked, commented and shared by the customers and when the customer reads your website content, automatically the brand value starts increasing as they are reaching more and more customers. As each shared post will take you to new customers, this is possible by just spending some time on social media platforms. As it’s one of the most effective ways of increasing brand name by regularly updating your customers with your company updates!

Highly effective in generating traffic : As we mentioned earlier that Social media marketing companies will help you promote your company in both organic and paid methods. Both of the methods are very effective in generating traffic for your brand. Online posting on Social Media platforms then sharing them can take the post to more customers, when it reaches more peoples then automatically more people visits your website, increasing your website traffic.

Cost-efficient : compared to other advertisement techniques SMM is probably the most cost-efficient way of promoting. As this can be free of cost from start till ever. There is no cost of creating an account and using it. So, they give you a facility for organic promotions just by sharing the posts. Also, the paid promotion is not very expensive, they are quite affordable and low cost compared to other means of paid promotions. The biggest benefit is that it is cost-effective as well as it gives you great ROI’s, and also maintains your budget and expenses.

Improves SEO : now, let’s talk about how SMM helps in increasing SEO! As we know that search engine optimization is very important for better search engine ranking and website success. Then, social media definitely helps in increasing SEO. When people see the posts on a social media website, they click on the link which directly takes them to websites, this way the SMM helps increasing search engine optimization. When we start posting good and relevant contents, then your content and post start getting more likes and shares, this influences the industry and takes you to more opportunities.

Better customer satisfaction : It’s said that “a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”. We know that social media is a communication and socializing podium. It’s very satisfying for a customer when they react, comment or asks some questions on some social media sites and then they get a proper response about it and get their problems solved in a jiffy. This shows how much you care for your buyers and how important your customers are to you.

Why choose us?

Orange digital media is a reputed social media marketing company and we are growing as one of the best digital marketing companies. We provide varied digital media marketing service In Bangalore, India. In the past few years, we have been advance in the digital marketing field and have become one of the best and result-oriented social media marketers. Our company helps you get the best ROI in the market. We have a young, well- trained and experienced team of digital marketing and social media marketing experts. They work hard and with a mutual perspective for giving satisfactory results and outputs.

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