PPC management company, PPC marketing, PPC campaign management services, pay per click management company
PPC management company, PPC marketing, PPC campaign management services, pay per click management company, pay per click marketing services, pay per click services

Pay Per Click

Hello visitor, are you here for your query about pay par click advertisement? We will be dignified to resolve all your confusions and questions. Orange digital media offers you the best PPC service in Bangalore. Our services include paid strategies that make considerate and sensible use of keywords and also serve opportune online advertising to generate huge traffic to your website. Our company serves you the best Pay Per Click management service. Our company is specialized in PPC for various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Google ad world, these platforms cover most of the websites. We run combined campaigns for best results. Why wait, contact us for the best PPC service in Bangalore.

What is PPC?

Pay per click (PPC) or cost per click (CPC) as the name suggests is the process of getting maximum website traffic in paid advertising. In this time PPC marketing has become the most demanded and focused part of digital marketing agencies, due to its effectiveness. Predominantly, pay per click advertising can be divided into two parts, they are:

  1. Search engine advertising – This advertising includes search engines for promotional activities and advertisements. PPC management companies are using Google, Bing, Yahoo as search engine platform which is used for PPC advertisement.
  2. Display ads – Moreover display ads includes advertisements which are done by platforms which allow us to run display campaigns and advertisement banners for promotions. Such platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, twitter etc. This helps us each a huge range of customers around the world.
How does it work?

The working process of pay-per-click advertisement is very elementary. This online advertising model is named by its work. When advertisement appears on the platforms, if the person watching the ad clicks on it then the company will pay to the particular platform owner. So, the businesses running ads are charged only when the user clicks on the ad page.

Services under PPC:
  • Search engine marketing: search engine marketing includes the search engine platforms for promotions and advertisement, these search engines such as Google, yahoo etc convey your product advertisement to your customers sitting globally, and increases your website traffic.
  • Display advertising: display advertisement plainly uses the platforms which allow showing banners and displays. Applications such as facebook, LinkedIn, twitter etc comes under platforms which allows such advertisements. They connect you directly to the customers as social media users are present in a magnificent bulk.
  • Shopping ads: shopping advertisement contains comprehensive information about the selling products. These shopping ads feature a particular product or a bunch of products to be sold. This increase the popularity, as they contain a detailed description regarding offers and other features
  • Video advertisement: These kinds of advertisements are the most captivating type of advertisement. This type of advertisement affects customers very thoroughly. Customers can also recall the company easily when required.
  • Mobile Marketing: Mobile marketing is something which can be done in different ways, it’s multi routed. It's the easiest way of promotion which gives best results in return. we can reach the audience using smartphones, tablets etc through email, SMS, MMS, social media and relevant mobile applications.
  • Remarketing ads: Eventually, remarketing advertisements are done for those who have already visited the website by some other similar source. When we do remarket, we basically remind the customers about the products they have watched. This increases the possibility of repeat purchase
Benefits of PPC:
  • Excellent targeting capacity: The targeting capacity of PPC is quiet reflective. As it includes, captivating contents, images and video ads which pulls the attention of the customers more rapidly than any other method.
  • Works well with other marketing techniques: PPC works collaborating with all kinds of digital marketing services, very smoothly. PPC & SEO generally works together and produce opportunities for increasing traffic. Customer watches an ad on Google then searches for the website, this way both PPC & SEO are working together to generate leads.
  • Measurable output: Use of certain ad tools and Google analytics have made the PPC tracking very easy. We can have every big and small performance details which also includes clicks and conversions. This is one of the biggest benefits of PPC.
  • Quick results: PPC is known to be quick resulting method of digital marketing. As, this mode of advertising is attracting the people’s attention very quickly. So, the results are very quick compared to other advertising methods.
Why choose us??
  • We are the best Pay Per Click management company in Bangalore. We have been working in this field since 10 years. We have experience in PPC campaigns management system for quite a long time, we have successfully executed PPC campaigns and generated leads.
  • Our team is expert in spreading budget in different channels, and we invest where we can achieve maximum benefits.
  • Using our strategies we have been able to target our clients very well.
  • Our work as a PPC management company is returning best ROI’s in this Pay Per Click marketing industry.